5 Jobs We May Have a Chance at Stealing from the Robots

When robots prove more efficient and effective at doing our jobs, what will we do for work? Panic. Most likely. If it’s early enough in the Age of Robots we’ll use our emotion, creativity, and intuition to prove our worth. Fluid, spontaneous, and organic are not generally words you think of when you think of […]

The future of marketing starts with cross-disciplinary thinking

20-somethings are getting recognized as clever innovators in the marketing industry, customization and user interactivity are becoming important considerations in advertising; the future of the marketing industry is currently inundated with awesome possibilities.  With the growing popularity of crowdsourcing, how will marketing adapt to the influx of personal projects and initiatives people are trying to promote? Exponential […]

Surviving Without Technology

What if, in some post-apocalyptic world, technology is lost or corrupted and we have to live without it? Here are 10 things you should know how to do without technology: 1) Basic self-defense. Stay in shape. Lifehacker tells you all the most detrimental places to hit a person and gives demonstrations on some basic self-defense moves that everyone […]

Collaboration Innovation

For me 2012 has been a year full of conferences and projects that have all accidentally promoted the same thing: cross-disciplinary, collaborative innovation. Today I learned about something called the Barefoot Tablet, a computer that caters to the 850 million illiterate people in the world who need visually intuitive technology to communicate and grow. This product […]