I’m passionate about storytelling. My favorite method of storytelling is writing because I like to write crafty, fun, fantastic things that make people think more. And laugh, ideally.  I could go on for days about storytelling and how ridiculously powerful it is, but I won’t because this is about me! Soon I will be writing for television and I’m super excited. I’m going to create content that gets people inspired enough to live life bigger. I’m going to fill everyone’s brains with awesome possibilities, and trust me, you’ll like it.

I’m convinced that anything is possible and I love writing about things that push the boundaries of the very standard imagination that we all grow accustomed to at a later point in life. In this blog you’ll find my Futurist.com blog posts and my silly stories. My Futurist.com blogs are pretty much about the future and what is being done to make it a cool place. My silly stories are just…things I like to think about.


Oh, and here are some other things that I like: humor, festivals, film, reading, superheroes, group activities, conferences, peace, communication, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, mockumentaries, games, sharing, people, ’90s movies, strong female characters, monsters and villains, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Doctor Who, people watching, my Aussie puppy, family, and my hilarious friends.

BY THE WAY, if you’re wondering where the title of my blog came from, it’s from this:

“Do let’s pretend that I’m a hungry hyena, and you’re a bone!”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


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