Share What You Like

No, not “Share” like on Facebook, “Share” like in preschool. You don’t have to be online to talk about what you like.

In high school I moved around a lot. After being at one particular school for only a couple of weeks, I met someone who enjoys movies as much as I do. As we were talking about movies one day, she wouldn’t stop ranting and raving about the movie Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Refusing to watch Paul Reubens act like a silly fool for an hour and 32 minutes, I politely declined her suggestion.

Until she upped the ante and offered a compromise. If I would watch her (wretched) Pee-Wee Herman, she would endure my delightful Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar. And there was born the Movie Journal. Each week we would take turns bringing in a DVD we liked so the other person could watch it and leave a review in the Movie Journal. Though we didn’t have similar tastes (my review of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure was less than glowing), we did get the opportunity to watch films we would have never sought otherwise, and we got to write hilarious reviews, knowing that only we would be reading them.

After this little experiment with the Movie Journal (which I still own), I started noticing the different ways that people view and share movies with each other – besides the obvious Liking on Facebook or reading reviews from strangers on Rotten Tomatoes. Here is a little list of possible ways to share movies with your friends. Note: the best writing is on TV at the moment, so all of these things can and should be done with TV shows.

1) Make a movie review journal and pass it around (if you make a physical journal you can talk about it in person…think of the benefits)
2) Start a movie club that involves watching movies/TV on your own time and then discussing in a bigger group-online or in person. (Bonus points if someone makes trivia for everyone to do after!)
3) Exchange Movie Lists (a Movie List is your own personal list of the best films you’ve ever seen that you recommend others see)
4) When any film/TV awards ceremony is about to happen, start a fantasy league in which everyone chooses who they think will make it to the top nominees and then pick winners for all of the categories. Make prizes for winners and watch the awards show together!

You’re spending between 20 and 120 minutes (or hundreds upon hundreds of minutes) of your day watching these things, so they must be worth talking about! Maybe your friends will tell you about a fantastic show or movie that you had never heard about before. Maybe you and your new friend will realize that you’re both shamelessly addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because you’re human) and you instantly become best friends! However you watch movies and shows, there are always benefits to talking about them- so do it.


3 thoughts on “Share What You Like

  1. I like this idea a lot! So many professional movie critics are too pretentious and preoccupied with being pretentious to answer one simple question…was the movie fun, entertaining, thought provoking, etc. I’ve watched and enjoyed many poorly reviewed movies. More often than not, the audience review, or a friends review has proven more reliable than the pro’s.

    All that being said, choose your friend’s carefully, Pee Wee’s movie?

    That all being said,

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