A Note from the Land of Happiness and Confidence

Here was my journal entry on the plane ride home from The Fourth Estate Summit in CA last week…


I just got done at Fourth Estate. And I’m in awe. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of something so powerful. I hope my friends and family watch the live stream so they can get a little taste of the crazy experience I just had. I’m so filled with love for people-and excited to pursue my passions fearlessly. I feel sad that not every person in the world can feel this confident, sure feeling I have that our generation truly will leave this place kinder than we found it. I’m so inspired by the bravery of people that I’m seeing, and so glad that it’s much more common than I thought. I’m sure that my life is meant for something bigger than I can imagine right now – and I’m so anxious to see what will happen next! The biggest news I received this weekend is that (obviously) we are all equal and approachable. Nobody is below me and nobody is above me, and it makes me feel so humbled and courageous that I know for a fact I will treat people differently from now on. And even more amazingly, I will treat myself differently, too.

Yay for a weekend full of almost dying from inspiration overload!

Watch parts or all of my experience at http://www.invisiblechildren.com/live


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