The future of marketing starts with cross-disciplinary thinking

connected-people-300x22520-somethings are getting recognized as clever innovators in the marketing industry, customization and user interactivity are becoming important considerations in advertising; the future of the marketing industry is currently inundated with awesome possibilities.  With the growing popularity of crowdsourcing, how will marketing adapt to the influx of personal projects and initiatives people are trying to promote? Exponential advances in technology and subsequent ever-changing forms of media are forcing the industry to adapt or innovate. With the industry on the verge of a new age, it’s important to get ideas from as many sources as possible on how to harness the power we have and create an industry we want.

Keeping in mind that we are in charge of developing the industry into whatever we wish, there become endless possibilities and numerous avenues to be at the forefront of the exciting changes taking place right now. One such method that proves extremely handy, in almost every industry, actually, is to become a hybrid. Whether that means being a hybrid company that offers several services across different industries, or if that means being a person with diverse skills that are advantageous to multiple industries, the bottom line is that it can really only help to get different perspectives while creating something new or solving a problem.

It seems that especially in marketing it would be useful to use cross-disciplinary thinking. How useful would it be to advertise telescopes with the help of someone who is both an astronomer and a marketer? That sort of user experience gives the person unique product insight while still working within the framework of a marketing strategy mentality. How valuable would it be to find the answer to an unsolvable technical problem by simply asking an artist to attack the issue from their different standpoint? To be on the edge of change in this industry we must acknowledge the extreme value of diverse collaboration, especially since marketing is an especially far-reaching industry that constantly crosses boundaries into almost all the others.


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