Collaboration Innovation

For me 2012 has been a year full of conferences and projects that have all accidentally promoted the same thing: cross-disciplinary, collaborative innovation. Today I learned about something called the Barefoot Tablet, a computer that caters to the 850 million illiterate people in the world who need visually intuitive technology to communicate and grow. This product came from a project developed by Tomorrow Labs, a cross-disciplinary team of design thinkers, makers, researchers and strategists, which helps solve the problems your community is facing.

Watch this introduction to learn a little more about Tomorrow Labs:

Tomorrow Labs from Tomorrow Partners on Vimeo.

Tomorrow Labs is set up in such a way that their cross-disciplinary team helps you and your team go from problem to creative solution to concrete plan with actionable steps. Just by thinking of the issue from several different angles with sustainable and desirable design as the anchor. I’m happy to say that there are other organizations trying to make changes in the world by thinking outside of the box. Tomorrow Labs is just one compelling example.

Read the Tomorrow Labs blog to keep up on the latest project and design breakthroughs at the Lab. Also check out these other cross-collaborative organizations I came across this year:  Hollywood Health & Society, SXSWhitRECord, the TEN ConferenceShift Labs, and c3. What are some other cross-disciplinary groups out there doing?


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